Why Runners Need Quality Sleep

Runners Need Quality Sleep.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of OSO Mattress.

I’m a girl that loves her sleep. When my head hits the pillow, I am o-u-t OUT.

The only time that I’ve had trouble sleeping in my life is when I was pregnant with my twins. My mind was constantly on. It didn’t help that when I couldn’t sleep, I’d head to my computer to Google twin pregnancies. If you’ve ever done that, you know what comes up. Basically, it’s site after site with horror stories of what can go wrong and how you are destined to go into labor early and your babies will be in a NICU for months.

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Not particularly bedtime soothing information.

After my kids were born, all those sleepless nights paid off. Who knew I could function with night after night of interrupted sleep? Thankfully, both of my kids were sleeping through the night at three months. I bow down to any parent that has a child who wakes up constantly throughout the night. Three months was about all I could handle!

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I generally get seven hours of sleep a night. Although, recently, I’ve found that I’m closer to six. The culprit? Staying up later to work on the blog, freelance writing projects or getting sucked into watching multiple episodes of our favorite shows.

Another reason? Taking one last glance at my phone before bed. I’ll scroll through Instagram or Facebook and before I know it, I’ve lost an hour of sleep. Talk about a time suck!

All of this lost sleep time adds up. You can’t bank it and you can’t make up for it by sleeping later the next day.

Sleep deprivation is very important for everyone but especially for active people – I’m looking at you runners. When you sleep, that is when your body is recovering from all of your hard workouts. Sleepy time is when your body repairs and regenerates damaged tissue and builds bone and muscle to be ready for whatever torture fun workout you have planned next on the schedule. It’s also the time when your body is boosting your immune system.

You may be doing all the other recovery things like foam rolling, eating enough protein, fats and carbs, staying hydrated, etc., but is your sleep a priority?

Now that you all know my secret, I’ve been sleeping a lot better.

Overall, we love our new OSO Mattress. Going from a regular spring mattress to foam, it took a couple nights of sleep to get used to it. But now, it’s like sleeping on a cloud with just enough firmness. And TONS of space.

Why did it take us so long to get a King size mattress?

In addition to a new mattress, I also have been trying to commit to getting more quality shut eye.

Here’s how you can improve your sleep quality:

Make it a priority! Think of it as another tool in your Runner’s Toolbox to be a stronger, faster runner.

Keep electronics off your night stand. This is a hard one especially if you use your phone as an alarm clock like I do. Try putting the phone on a dresser away from your bed so that you aren’t tempted to take one last look. Or that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night and start to scroll through social media. (I’m guilty of that one too!)

Go to bed and wake up at close to the same time every day. During the week, I’m very consistent with this. The weekend? That’s a different story.


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