Why Your Hands And Feet Are Constantly Cold?

Some peoples hands and feet are cold when the weather is cold and when is hot.

Why Your Hands And Feet Are Constantly Cold

Cold fingers usually mean health problem and is especially common in the cold days, but when they are symptom of a health disorder then you may have some of these problems.

1. Anemia

If your cold hands and feet are associated with fatigue, dizziness and headaches, it may mean that your blood is weak. Therefore you should contact a doctor and do the analysis.

2. Diabetes

Constantly cold hands and feet may be a first symptom of diabetes. The next symptom is the increased appetite.

3. Thyroid gland

When the thyroid gland has a problem and works slowly, it leads to slowing the metabolism, and then the coldness in the hands and feet.

4. Stress

Stress increases the adrenaline, and in turn weakens the blood circulation causing the hands and feet to be cold.

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