Most people, including other alternative doctors have never heard of Naprapathy. A Naprapath is not easy to locate and you have to find a good one but once you do dont lose that phone number!

Definition: Naprapathy: This type of physical therapy is used to treat a wide array of ailments. Most common are back, neck, and hip problems, which in turn may produce systemic complaints such as low energy, tension headaches, digestive disorders, or unexplained depression, for example. During treatment, the spine is at times manipulated, but only to use the vertebrae as levers for stretching the soft tissue, not to alter their position (as in chiropractic subluxation).

My Experience: I was visiting my parents and my mom mentioned that she had seen a Naprapath to help with her bursitis. Matter of fact she no longer had the bursitis after having the treatment. At that time I had a severe case of tennis elbow in both arms and she thought it might be helpful.

Again, as with most therapists, the first order of things is to ask you an array of questions in regards to your health and lifestyle. Once several problem areas have been identified you sit/lay down, its kind of a combo of both, and the therapist begins manipulating your muscles and tendons through movement and pressure to realign your basic bone structure.

In my case, what we focused on was trying to loosen the left side of my body which was experiencing rigidity, to work on a previous running injury to my right leg and the tennis elbow on both my arms. When you have an illness in your body any areas of weakness, previous injury etc, starts acting up. Naprapathy is kind of a variation of Rolfing, massage and physical therapy.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, I found it to be very helpful. My tennis elbow was excruciatingly painful and he completely cured it. He also helped dramatically with my right leg. The only area we had difficulty in dealing with was the rigidity on the left side of my body. I think that because it was a nerve related issue this was not something he could really work on or impact.

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