We Healed Cavities! See This True “We’ve-Done-It!” Story!


Dental work is expensive, and sometimes painful. But what if there was an inexpensive way to avoid fillings and root canals? What if you could actually heal cavities without a dentist intervening? Would you try it?

Trina Holden explains her family’s story on her website. She said she had painful sensitivity in her teeth. She investigated different ways to deal with that, like changing to a special toothpaste. Then she heard about oil pulling and decided to give it a chance. When her husband developed an ugly cavity, he tried it too. It sounds like a crackpot idea, but the results they had may shock you. Take it or leave it, you may end up trying it too. She’ll tell you how to do it right. See how you could cure a cavity naturally when you click the link below.