Incredibly simple trick to get rid of annoying flies

As summer days have come again, so do the flies and flies can really be annoying and irritating.

So the flies typically are keen to go inside closed places and before you even know it, youll have summer roommates to stress you out. Many people if not everyone have the same problem and have tried different ways to keep them out and usually end up with a flypaper hanging in their rooms. Basically flypaper is paper coated with poisonous substance even to humans but modern brands are non-toxic and yet this methods is not so pretty, seeing all those dead insects stuck to each other.Incredibly simple trick to get rid of annoying flies

So to get rid of them in a way that youll be astonished and the next day youll be the first commenting and spreading this method over the internet, what you need to get is some water, a transparent bag, some coins, a cord and follow the instruction below.

Fill half of the transparent bag with water, put a coin in the bag and seal the bag with the cord. After that hang it on the front of your door, balcony doors, windows etc.

Youll ask yourself whats the big deal, but in fact the way this works is that the light is reflected from water which chases off the flies and the coins are represented like a huge predator that flies definitely want to avoid. Its that simple and why not to give it a try.

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