These 9 Weird Symptoms Could Be A Sign Of…

The human body is a complex network of bounded structures and systems. When something is not right, issues can show up in areas or ways youd never expected. You may be suffering from a hidden health condition, and there are 9 weird signs you should be aware of.

These 9 Weird Symptoms Could Be A Sign Of...

Gnarly Nails

If you are noticing little white snicks and grooves that look like scraped up icy surface, you might be experiencing disease called psoriasis. According to a study from Dermatology Research and Practice pitted nails engage 80-90% of the patients with this condition. According to the study authors many people have nail problems before encountering any skin problem.

Lumps under your skin

According to study from the journal Dermatology, the first symptom of rheumatoid arthritis is the appearing of compact bumps. They are formed of tissue and can grow to the size of chestnuts. Fortunately they dont cause pain and tend to appear close to the joints, particularly in our hands and elbows.

An Achy Achilles

These 9 Weird Symptoms Could Be A Sign Of...1

Indiscriminately your skin is clear and itch-free, if you feel pain in your Achilles or heel, this can alert of psoriatic arthritis which is a type of tendon linked to the skin condition. Swollen sausage-like fingers and toes are also a symptom of this form of arthritis, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation.

Hiccups That Wont Go Away

As a study from Taiwan shows, if you have continuous hiccup problems for 48 hours or longer, this could be sign of lung or esophageal cancers. Hiccupping is controlled by the central neural system, and some brain problems and certain types of cancer impact that system.

Frequent Chills

If you are feeling cold even during warm weather, this can be sign of an underactive thyroid gland. According to research from Southern Illinois University your underactive thyroid can leave you feel chilly when your bodys energy burning and heat-producing functions are limited.

A craving for Ice

American Journal Of Medicines study reveals that you may be anemic due to an iron insufficiency. The will for eating ice can be caused by tongue pain or tumefaction that can appear when someone is anemic. According to this research 44% of anemia patients crave for ice.

An Urge to Steal

These 9 Weird Symptoms Could Be A Sign Of...2

According to research from JAMA Neurology the desire for snitching stuff like a chocolate bar at the market store, or cosmetics at the drug store is one of the first signs of dementia. This form of dementia impacts on the part of your brain which identifies societal rules and conventions, and boosts your disregard for the law.

Geographic Tongue

If you are noticing white patches and some strange shapes on your tongue, this can be a sign of celiac disease, which is autoimmune disorder that will initiate your body to attack itself when you consume gluten. If you have symptoms like diarrhea, puking, tiredness or weight loss, you shouldnt disregard your fancy- looking tongue.

Constant Peeing

According to study from Wake Forest University, frequent urination is early symptom of type 2 diabetes. If your kidneys have issues to manage blood sugar, they will try to absolve of some extra sugar through your pee. The study warns that if you are peeing more and feeling dehydrated, its another early symptom of diabetes.